[Entertainment News] xQc on Kick streams admits being paid for gambling streams!

Felix “xQc” Lengyel seems to have acknowledged that Kick compensates its well-known streamers to encourage gaming on Stake.

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has confirmed that he is paid to gamble on the Stake platform during his streams on Kick, a rival streaming platform to Twitch. Kick has ties to Stake, and xQc claims to have wagered $1.5 billion on the site as of September this year.

This is supported by multiple pieces of evidence, such as:

  • xQc’s own admission: In a recent stream, xQc admitted that he is paid to gamble on Stake. He said, “Bro, I’ve never lied once about it before, what is up with this guy: everyone knows I am.”
  • Nickmercs’ confirmation: FaZe Clan co-owner Nickmercs has also admitted that his Kick contract includes gambling. During his first stream on Kick, he said, “The first question I’ve been seeing is like, ‘Nick, are you gonna do gambling streams?’ We’re gonna do some gambling for sure. It’s part of the contract, y’know.”
  • Kick’s denial: A representative from Kick denied that Nickmercs had gambling written into his contract. However, it was later clarified that Nickmercs has a separate contract with Stake that requires him to gamble on the platform.

Based on this evidence, it is clear that Kick is paying its high-profile streamers to promote gambling on Stake. This is a controversial practice, as some people believe that it normalizes gambling and can lead to addiction. Others believe that it is simply a business arrangement between Kick and its streamers.